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Posted on September 13, 2017 in: General News

Wedding Anniversary Mass

Sat Oct 28, Most Rev David Konderla will hold a Wedding Anniversary Mass for those celebrating their 25th, 40th, 50th and 50th+ anniversaries at Holy Family Cathedral at 10am, followed by a reception. If you or someone you know in the Diocese of TUlsa is celebrating these milestone anniversaries, please contact Mary Toerne at 918 701-2639 by Oct 2nd so an invitation can be sent.  Remember to leave the name, contact info with phone #, and the anniversary to be celebrated.


Reader Training

Training for new readers will be held Mon, Sep 18 & Wed, Sep 20 at 9am (after Daily Mass) in the church with Mary. Also an evening training session will be held at 5:45pm Thu Sep 21 in the church.  Training will take about 40 min. No need to register; just show up and sign in!


Hispanic Connections

Our first gathering is Sep 21 at 6:30pm in the Community Room.  Bring your favorite homemade dish from your country to share.  Come join us for an evening of fun with old and new friends.


Eucharistic Minister Training- New Training Times!

Eucharistic Ministry training continues with Dcns Lamar and Dave. No need to register' just show up and sign in (along with your preferred Mass time). All sessions are about 60 min and held in the church.  The schedule is:


Sept 20 & 27:  1pm & 7pm (Dcn Lamar all sessions)

Oct 2 & 4:  1pm & 7pm (Dcn Lamar, day;  Dcn Dave, evening)

Nov 6 & 8: 1pm & 7pm (Dcn Lamar, day; Dcn Dave, evening)


Please attend this training if you are interested in Communion for the Sick.  This EM training will be a prerequisite for the upcoming, shorter training session specifically for Communion for the Sick Ministers. Stay tuned for those coming soon.


Balance & Physical Well-Being Exercise Classes

We finished our first full week of the 26 week session. Average attendance has been about 45 participants at each session! Come join us.  You needn't attend all sessions to get benefit- although attending more increases the benefits. Come join us every Mon & Tue at 11am in the gym. Call Mary at 918-701-2639 for more info.


November All Soul's Day

Just want to get the word out and manage expectations on some changes for All Soul's Day Mass coming up in November. We have expanded the ways to honor those who've passed. 

If a parishioner of St. Bernard's has passed away within the last year (since Nov 1, 2016), we would like request an unframed 4" by 6" photo of them (4" wide and 5"- 6" tall- also called "portrait orientation") Landscape oriented photos cannot be accepted.  We will display the photo and possibly ask a member of the family to process at the Mass with the photo. If no photo is available, we can frame the loved one's name or a photo that represents them (ie, their family, hobby handiwork, headstone, etc.) After Mass, the photos with a votive will be displayed on the shelves outside the Columbarium and if needed on the rails bannisters within the church.
If a loved one of a parishioner has passed away since Nov 1, 2016, (but the deceased was not a parishioner), we would also like to request a 4" wide by 6" tall photo. Again, landscape oriented photos cannot be accepted. We will display the photos and MAY (depending on the number of deceased) ask a family member to process with the photo.  We will also likely display their photos. We will make that decision a little later.
If a loved one or parishioner has passed away prior to Nov 1 2016, we will have a book where family members can enter the name, and the book will be processed and displayed at All Soul's Day Mass.
We will do away with the display of additive frames listing names as we have done in the past.
We will still have the tree of life, with paper "leaves" available to write a deceased loved one's name on.  The tree banner with the leaves will be presented all during the month of November.

If you have feedback or input, please reach out to Mary at 918-701-2639 or mtoerne@stbernardstulsa.org  We want to hear your thoughts on the change. These changes were made to be more inclusive and to place more emphasis on those who've passed in the recent year, without being exclusive to those you've passed longer ago, but still are very much missed and loved.


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

We are discussing a dinner on-site the evening of Saturday Oct 21.  More details to come soon...

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