Posted on October 19, 2016 in: General News

  The Box of Joy program is an annual Christmas gift out reach organized by local Catholic groups across the United States and facilitated by Cross Catholic Outreach. Box of Joy provides a simple and tangible service experience that has both a material and spiritual impact on the poorest of the poor in developing countries like Haiti and Guatemala. Together, Catholics in the US are able to join our Lord Jesus Christ in acts of mercy. Thru - November 5, 500 boxes of Joy will be made available for you to take, fill and return. Each box comes with the option of picking the age and sex of a child you would like to fill the box for. Please, carefully fill your box with items you could imagine the poorest of poor needing. Please DO NOT include any liquid items, perishable goods including chocolate candies. You may choose the cardboard box or select a plastic shoe box that could be used even longer by the children to perhaps store items or carry water. Please do not seal or tape your boxes. They go through inspection before being delivered to assure only the best gift will be received. Included in your box is a $9 donation. $7 covers the cost of shipping the box and the remaining $2 is used as seed money for the future ministry of this program and others that  Cross Catholic Outreach provides for, the poorest of the poor. Consider this a family project, a classroom project, a work project. Take several boxes or provide your own. Your donation will be the seeds of hope for others and will spread the Joy of Christmas to a suffering child. Volunteers wanting to help please contact: Chantal Pixley: hantalpix@cox.net. Deadline  boxes to be returned: November 5, 2016

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