Mass and Communion Etiquette

Posted on June 14, 2017 in: General News



One day, each of us will stand before the Lord for our personal judgment.  We will be longing to spend eternity praising God.  There will be an examination of our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great if, in our “re-run,” when we saw ourselves in Mass, we were praying, singing, and adoring Him with all our hearts? Mass is not about our being entertained – it is about worshipping God.


*Never chew gum in church.

*Please leave cell phones in your car.

*Do not bring food or drink inside the church.

*All Catholics not in mortal (serious) sin and who have fasted for one hour may receive

  Holy Communion.

*Those who are not Catholic, or who cannot receive, may come up with their arms

  crossed on their hearts to receive a blessing.

*Make a reverential bow as you step up to receive both the Body and the Blood of Christ.

*Hold your hands chest-high and outstretched to receive the Eucharist, or receive on your


*“Receive” Communion.  Do not “take” or “grab” it from the minister.

*When receiving from the chalice, make sure you have a firm grip on it and make sure

   the Eucharistic Minister has firmly re-grasped it when you are done.

*If you are ill, do not receive from the chalice.

*Do not dip the host into the chalice.  Only priests are allowed to receive in this way.

*When the minister says “Body of Christ” or “Blood of Christ,” the response is a clear

“Amen!” (which means “I believe!”).

*Consume the host immediately.

*Dress modestly for Mass.  How would you dress if you were having dinner with the


*When we enter church, we make the sign of the cross with holy water, reminding us of

  our Baptism.

*When we enter and leave church, we genuflect toward the tabernacle out of respect for        

  the Eucharist.

*Please remain in your pew until the priest has processed out and the final song ends.


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