Post Abortion Healing

Posted on January 13, 2016 in: General News

Growin’ on the Vine 2016!
Meeting together with friends from the Vineyard 

We gather together once a month in a confidential journey of post abortion healing. We are women and men, Catholics and those of other faith experiences and backgrounds who begin the healing of one of the most traumati experiences of life. Guided by Christ, we are companions on the journey of healing after abortion.

Third Thursday of each month except July and December.
6:30- 8:30pm  St Joseph’s Monastery 21st and Lewis, we share a small meal together and meet.
Ring the doorbell at the Monastery door.

For more information contact Catholic Charities,
Mary Lee Smith, LCSW, 918- 508-7142 MLSmith@CatholicCharitiesTulsa.org  

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