You have a unique opportunity in the Diocese of Tulsa to attend a seminar/retreat for your personal spiritual growth.  The Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery, 2200 South Lewis along with other professional staff - guide a three day event that enables you to awaken to the teachings of the early Church on praying with the scriptures.  The joy and mercy of God come alive as we are mindful of God's grace in our lives.
This seminar begins at 7pm on Wednesday, February 17 and continues from 8:30am - 4pm on Thursday-Saturday, February 18-20.  To receive a program send an e-mail request to baustinosb&yahoo.com,  call Sr. Barbara Austin at 918-430-6599 or go to our website st.josephmonastery.org and click on Lectio Divina.  The registration fee covers a stipend to St. Joseph Monastery, the teachers and also meals and individual materials designed specifically for this seminar.  There are scholarships available as needed.

The Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery are a self sustaining, non profit Roman Catholic order serving in Oklahoma since 1889.  They receive no Diocesan or other Church funding.   Pray for Vocations to the consecrated life for our Diocese! 

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