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Posted on March 30, 2017 in: General News

KAIROS                                                                                                  Curt Andrews and Deacon Alan Mikell will be on the team presenting a Kairos retreat weekend inside the Cimarron Correctional Facility in Cushing, OK April 20th thru April 23rd.  The Kairos ministry team is asking for your prayers and “cookie” support once again.  A table with cookie donation boxes and paper prayer strips is in the Commons area.  As a sign of your prayer support, please sign your name on a strip of the paper and leave it in the basket on the table.  The strips will be linked into a chain and shown to the inmates.  The chain is a powerful symbol to them of the power of prayer.  We would ask your prayers for the entire weekend, but especially on the day you select with your prayer strip.       We are in need of cookies, LOTS of cookies.  As a team, we are trying to collect 7,500 dozen cookies to bring into the prison over the weekend.  That equates to about 200 dozen cookies per team member.  Each day, each inmate will receive a dozen cookies, complements of the Kairos prison ministry.  The cookies must be “store bought” and sealed in their original packaging. 

                 Last fall, St. Bernard’s was most generous in supplying cookies for the weekend.  Kairos Prison Ministry thanks you and asks for your generous support again.

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