Dcn. Tim Sullivan

Posted on December 28, 2016 in: General News

 Please congratulate Dcn. Tim Sullivan as our new Coordinator of Justice and Peace.

 Deacon Tim Sullivan has served as Executive Director of Catholic Charities in both Tulsa and Wayne County, New York and as Family Life Director of the Tulsa Diocese.  Deacon Tim is currently Chaplain at Jackie Cooper Imports/Nissan in Tulsa in addition to being the Coordinator of Peace & Justice at St. Bernard’s.

 Deacon Tim is co-author of Signposts: How To Be a Catholic Man in the World Today.  He has been active in the Cursillo Movement since 1989. A graduate of Notre Dame University and Law School, Deacon Tim has been married to his wife, Connie, for 45 years.  They have six children and 14 grandchildren. 

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