Fr Hasenkamp- Unbound

Posted on August 02, 2018 in: General News

  UNBOUND                                                                                        On behalf of Unbound I want to thank Msgr. Gaalaas, Father Thomas and all the parishioners of St. Bernard’s Parish for the warm welcome you gave to me last weekend and for your incredibly generous response to our mission. I enjoyed my visit very much.  I carried home with me fond memories of your beautiful parish community along with 88 sponsorship applications. That means that there are 88 more children and elderly people and their families who will have a brighter future and those sponsoring them will be blessed.  And, for those who gave us a one time donation, thank you!  If you wish to learn more about UNBOUND or still wish to become a sponsor, you can go online at unbound.org   - Fr. Bob Hasenkamp


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