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St. Nicholas would be proud...
One grandmother, who is caring for her 8 grandchildren, had a ticket to come to the sign up events, but due to a funeral of a loved one, was unable to attend. She thought that she wouldn't be able to receive toys for the children, and was so gracious when we told her that we would be able to provide the toys. St. Bernard PreSchool took the whole family and went above an beyond, providing wonderful toys for each of the children and even a gift card for Grandma.

When she came to pick up the gifts, it took the entire crew of volunteers to carry 8 bags out to the small truck. While Grandma was on the verge of tears, grandpa couldn't believe it either, saying, "I'm not sure I can drive yet...I feel shaky!" Hugs were given all around, and the joy and excitement was contagious as we imagined  the children's faces on Christmas morning. 

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