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Pastoral Studies Institute

January Classes




Diocesan Women’s Bible Study

The Gospel According to Luke: Marked by the compassion of Jesus, the gospel stories of Luke demonstrate the universal nature of Jesus’ mission.  Luke’s focus on God’s faithfulness will encourage you to trust.

Dates/Time:  Wednesdays, Jan 10 – March 28, 9:00am - 11:15am

 Cost: $20.00  

Location:  Church of the Madalene Parish Hall

To register, call Mary Hall at 918-497-2063 or email mnhall74@att.net


The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Whether in Catholic grade school, religious education, or Confirmation class, we all learned the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Most of us can name the Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit, but what does each gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit mean?  How can these fruits and gifts help us in our lives?  In this three-week course, we will delve into how we are nurtured through the  Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Day & Time: Tuesdays, Jan 23 and 30, 7:00-8:30p.m.

Instructor:  Chris King, M.T.S.

Location:  Aquinas Hall, Church of the Madalene





Contact us with this information to register for either of these classes:

name, address, zip code, home & work phone numbers,

 parish, class title and email address



E-mail your registration to:  psi@dioceseoftulsa.org


or call 307-4941

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