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Clairvaux Club information

~~Clairvaux Women's Club
~~ The Clairvaux Club Women of St. Bernard’s  ~~
All ladies of the parish are automatically members of the women’s group of
 St. Bernard’s known as the Clairvaux Club

Clairvaux Board Members:

President                            Tonya Marlow

Past President                   Phyllis Dutton

Vice President                   Janice Steidley

Secretary                             Lindy Roberts

Correspondence              Anne Jones

Treasurer                            Mary Ellen Gordon

Spiritual Director              Ginger Mikel

Hospitality                           Cheryl Ashley

                                                Liz Huls


2019 Calendar of Events


                March 5th  Clairvaux Club members will greet parishioners as they attend the church’s Parish Mission, which is held March 3rd -  5th


March 9th a Mini retreat will be offered to the women of Clairvaux. We will begin with mass at 8:30 AM, followed by breakfast and speaker Ken Coughlin, from Bishop Kelly. Ken’s topic for the retreat will be “Just Notice. God In Your Life”.


March 21st we will honor St. Bernard’s Women of Achievement, Sandra Waelder. The Catholic Council of Women will hold the event at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.


March 29th CC will host a Lenten Meal, serving soup and salad


April 2nd  our monthly meeting will host a guest speaker from Day Spring, and the topic will be “Human Trafficking and the Effects in Tulsa’.


May 2nd  to recognize the mom’s at Francisco Villa’s Catholic Retirement Home, the women of Clairvaux will meet to decorate, and fill, Mother’s Day sacks for them. They sacks will be delivered at a date prior to Mother’s Day, and we encourage young children, and grandchildren, to help in their distribution to the Francisco Villa moms!

                                                Our fall schedule will be presented, at a later time.