Councils & Committees

Parish Council
Mary Jo Isler, Chairman

Finance Council
Ken Smith, Chairman

Worship Committee
Anne Roberts, Contact Person

Spirituality Committee
Msgr. Patrick Gaalaas, Contact Person

Religious Education Committee
Sharon Lechtenberg, Contact Person

Justice & Peace Committee
Deacon Timothy Sullivan, Coordinator

Councils and Committees

Finance Council

Ken Smith
Jim Chin
Treak Tasker
Bob Geweniger
Rick McCool
Tommy Wentroth
David D'Archangelo
Jim Healy
Monty Berry

Parish Council

Bob Sharkey
Manual Calvin
Riley DeBenedetti
Sue Ramsey
John Grace
Margaret Hingey
Joan McCleary
Karen Hill
Janice Steidley
Francis Peek
Mary Jo Isler
Danielle Clifton


Bob Sharkey
Sandra Waelder
Valerie Perry
Nila Bennett
Chris Bennett


Sandra Waelder
Chantal Pixley
Barb Kehew
Christine Myers
Sharon Lechtenberg

Justice and Peace

Joan McNeely

Erik Block

Manuel Calvin

Don and Cheryl Schendt

Susan McGinnis

John Miksa

Harry Hanig



Parish Council Meeting Minutes

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